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Swiss Support Committee for Eritrea

Welcome to SUKE-homepage.
Thank you, for watching to get informations
on our work in Eritrea.

We are a private support committee. Our engagement for people in Eritrea is mainly based on voluntary work of people, of Swiss and Eritreans in Switzerland. Until now we did not have the capacity, to serve you with informations in Englisch. We will translate "Über uns" (about us) in a first step. 
If you want to get informations on our projects in Englisch, for example NEW GRAPE, the quickest way will be to copy the text of the german version and put it into the translator. If you do not find the translation helpful, please put the translated text and your questions about it into a mail to SUKE. We will serve you.
Regarding our shop: actually the only products we can send  to foreign countries are small items like "vouchers" (for example a donkey, T-Shirts in englisch or french) or the small booklet "The Little Prince" - as postage is very expensive and so are the fees on payments from foreign countries to Switzerland. Selling products for us it not about the money. Voluntary workers are preparing the products in order to keep open the door for a small country with its warmhearted people, still waiting to be fully accepted by the international comunity.
Thank you for your understanding